Poems by Larry Samson


Saving mankind now is on every person’s mind,
It is certainly the right time to help save mankind.

Helping save mankind is necessary before it is too late,
As many helping save mankind is truly not up to fate.

We  really need  to stop wars and make them cease.
So by saving mankind we can live in peace.

The future of the world depends on what we do,
So that our lives are better for me and you.


Lately I have had so many good memories of my past,
They come through the day and night but much too fast. 

I haven't thought of them for years and come out of the blue, 
They include the people I met and things I did which are true. 

My mind wanders from place to place and street to street,
It is really searching for more and hardly misses a beat.

There are times I stop to look into a mirror to see, 
Was I still looking looking for who I wanted to be?


The time to re-think your goals and desires is now,
 Just decide what you really want to do and how.

If failure were truly impossible what would you do?
Is it something you thought of before or something new?

You might find many individuals will certainly care,
As you go for your dreams and definitely dare.

When you go and do it before it is too late,
Don't be surprised when it turns out great.


Perhaps really nothing happens a minute too soon or late, 

Is it truly just a coincidence or possibly up to fate?

Most would like to take control of what we do,
Letting outcomes go is very hard except for a few.

The past and the present go quickly so be here now,
The future will come but we certainly don’t know how.

Let’s all remember the good memories of the past,
That is a wonderful way to help our happiness last.


A very smart young girl was asked a question by me,
It would certainly be difficult for many to answer you see.

I said what would you ask the leaders of the world today,
Spontaneously she said it would be of little good to say.

Then she said why do they say one thing and do another,
She truly didn’t know why and decided to ask her Mother.

The world she thought would be much better,
If leaders really kept their word to the letter.


Negative thoughts run through my mind,
As I truly search for the joy that I cannot find.

They race from the darkness very fast,
I hope they go away and don't really last.

Was it time on earth to let people know,
We must change or suffer a severe blow.

The way we face the future every day.
Hopefully will be better is all I can say.


My body seems far away from my mind,
As it searches for good things to find.

It looks to remember those who are very dear,
So as not to dwell on many difficult things I fear.

There is still much that needs to be done,
And so many of them are not really fun.

Today I will take time out to go slow and rest,
Then I can truly do things well and be my best.


People sit outside to eat 6 to10 feet apart, 
You can really hardly smell or hear a fart. 

Children have been told not to go back to school, 
So many stay home to learn and think it is cool. 

Monkeys, coyotes, and bears look for food to eat, 
To remove them from our streets is no easy feat. 

Each day is like the one before with nothing new, 
Many now truly feel they are in a cage at a zoo.


The virus spread like a speeding train,
It didn’t stop and caused so much pain,

Like a giant waterfall over 1000 feet tall,
It truly produced fear among one and all.

Soon everyone was asked to wear a mask,
Which many said was truly no easy task.

It is really important to do what they say,
Especially if you want to live another day.


We have been told not to touch metal,
Not even plastic or a hot water kettle.

Wait a few days to touch a package or mail,
You don't have to be very smart or go to Yale.

More than a few find it very difficult to cope,
Yet most say they have not given up hope.

Many believe the end of the pandemic is within sight,
And really know that someday their future will be bright.


I started to write poetry about the pandemic in 2020,
I didn’t know what to do as it really affected so many.

The virus came out of the blue,
And nobody knew what to do.

Saying we are all in the same boat together,
Certainly did not make us truly feel any better.

Nothing would ever be the same,
As this virus was no ordinary dame.


Making a difference in life is truly about kindness,
It is a recipe for friendship and a key to happiness.

Some believe it is all about money and what you do,
But real success is why others want to be with you.

At times individuals at the expense of others get very rich,
Those who really know them say they are a bastard or bitch.

Many good people who have much less strife,
Are the ones who certainly live a blessed life.

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